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ResumeFree™ Process

Toss the Resume and Discover a Faster Way to Hire in 4 easy steps

The ResumeFree™ process is built to give companies an agile way to hire qualified candidates  without breaking the bank.


It leverages the power of 30+ years of behavioral science research and assess over 170 behavioral traits of candidates. 

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Step 1: Ideal Candidate Profile

We take your job description and send it through our sophisticated platform. After an analysis it extracts traits unique to your open position. 

We work with you to customize it further.

Step 2: Post it

You will receive a unique link to attach to your job postings.

Candidates are invited to take a short 35 minute behavioral assessment.

Cartoon graphic of a person posting their job posting
Coffee and a Cookie

Step 3: Relax


We measure 170+ behavioral traits from the candidates response and compare them to your Ideal Candidate Profile from step 1.


We got this, while you tackle your next project... Like a well deserved coffee?

Step 4: Daily Updates

How was your coffee break?

Now all you need to do is check your email for qualified candidates. 

Sort and filter them to your unique needs.

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