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Sample Career Options report

This report guides an individual to find or change to a highly suitable and fulfilling career. It identifies the careers a person would most enjoy from an extensive list of more than 700+ professions. It identifies the level of suitability and likely success based on extensive research into job performance. It provides a description as well as educational requirements for each career. This highly sophisticated technology is frequently reported to have transformed individuals’ lives.

• Ranks the careers an individual would enjoy most
• Can choose to include on careers based on specific levels of education
• Can organize careers according to industry category
• Is an invaluable tool for young career seekers or individuals changing careers
• Prevents wasting years of effort and large amounts of money related to an unsuitable career
• Provides outplacement counselors and/or career counselors with a comprehensive guide to assist individuals to transition to a fulfilling career
• Enable universities or schools to assist students to determine the best course of study

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