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We blow minds with just how fast our process is.

Hiring used to be hard and then these companies discovered the ResumeFree™ process by TalentTua

In order to spend time growing their business they left the hiring in our hands. 

TalentTua's Clients

Blue Train

"The recruitment process takes less time and helps us find the most qualified candidates"

-Bryan Smith, Founder


Blue Train was starting to scale and required a hiring solution to keep pace with their needs. Just like any business, hiring had become a chore.


It took valuable time and resources away from what mattered most, growing the business. So it took back burner priority which eventually caught up with them when they took on extra clients.

The solution they need had to be quick, affordable, and most of all hands off.

Enter ResumeFree™ from TalentTua. 

Within a day they were able to begin having qualified candidates lining up to come aboard. 

The best part they only needed to check their email and decide who to bring in for an interview

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